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Cooki3d is a cross platform game engine based on OpenSceneGraph and SDL...

Makes it possible to run a powerful 3d multimedia application on a web navigator or using a specific GUI ( SDL, Producer, Qt4, Java/jogl ). Cooki3d support FireFox and IExplorer under Linux and WindowsXP/2000/98 via applets. 

Cooki3d has also its java framework to create, build and deploy easily cooki3d applications on the web or localy. 

For simple use,

See Web Online Examples test it directly in your navigator !

For developper use, 

the product tools are essentially a C++ API and a java Framework 

See documentation

See java Cooki3d web framework



    Cooki3d API is a cross platform (C++ linux and mingw) game engine based on OpenSceneGraph and SDL... It works with linux and windows system.

     This api makes it possible to quickly write a multi-media application in 3D. It makes it possible to easily apprehend the 3D and the multi-media in C++ with higher levels of abstraction and richer functionalities. However the informed user will never be restricted and will be able constantly to go down on low a level or to incorporate his own architecture. He will also be able to remove modules he does not consider useful for his application (actual optional modules are XML, SMPEG, QT4, osgCal).


web plugin 

    Makes it possible to have 3d multimedia application on the web (via java applet technology and jogl) with good  performance.



    The java framework is a tool to create, build and deploy easily cooki3d applications. It use xml chunks to define the plugin application.

    Generally, each chunk represent a cooki3d C++ object and its properties.








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