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Cooki3d is a cross platform game engine based on OpenSceneGraph and SDL...

Makes it possible to run a powerful 3d multimedia application on a web navigator or using a specific GUI ( SDL, Producer, Qt4, Java/jogl ). Cooki3d support FireFox and IExplorer under Linux and WindowsXP/2000/98 via applets. 

Cooki3d has also its java framework to create, build and deploy easily cooki3d applications on the web or localy. 

For simple use,

See Web Online Examples test it directly in your navigator !

For developper use, 

the product tools are essentially a C++ API and a java Framework 

See documentation

See java Cooki3d web framework

Last Updated ( Friday, 08 December 2006 )
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Mon Dec 8 00:44 CET 2006

Migration of the site from Mambo to Joomla. Now, the Cooki3d site is multilingual thanks to Joom!Fish component. All contributions to translate manualy the items are welcome! If you want become a translator in your favourite language, contact us.

Mon Dec 4 15:20 CET 2006

Project registration for Gna! has been approved. Now all users can make directly bug reports. Also the project developer team has been moved on  Gna. The cvs access will be activated and fed as soon as possible. Now if you have good C++ or/and Java or other interessant skills (web skills, testing role...), you can create a user on gna and participate in the cooki3d project.

Wed Nov 29 15:30 CET 2006

Important bugs with Nvidia Geforce4MX420, Geforce3Ti200,... have been corrected, these cards doesn't support fragment et vertex shader but now the render can be done without these effects, and avoid than the navigator crash in some particular conditions.

An additionnal note for linux users has been added. See Important notes on native library loading on this page

Mon Nov 20 11:44 CET 2006

A new system of security checks have been added. Now the security pass via a signed applet. That simplifies the access of the examples to the user and the security policy have not to be refresh...

Thu Nov 16 12:21 CET 2006

You can download the c++ source code part Cooki3dC++api2232 (GNU/GPL) if you have a user account.

Wed Nov 15 19:26 CET 2006

First release version 0.21-2232 (java framework [0.21] and c++ api) of Cooki3d is now available ! 

This version is more stable and robust, support several render surfaces in the same process i.e. several 3d applications in your web navigator !

So at the same time, in different tabbeb panes (firefox) or windows, or in the same html page you can have a collection of 3d viewer applications. 

Last Updated ( Saturday, 09 December 2006 )
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